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"Jeff Powell is one of the most gifted and anointed young men that I have met in a long time...I can gurantee you that he will be a tremendous blessing to your church and ministry in whatever capacity that you choose to utilize him."

R. Dennis Watson, Senior Pastor Celebration Church - Metairie, LA

Jeff's purpose is to aid the church in it's vital mission through preaching, teaching, and consulting on a local, national, and international level. He has served the church vocationally in many capacities for over 13 years.

Below is a brief bio of Pastor Jeff and some quotes of what others are saying about him. If you would like a complete bio of Jeff and the churches he has served over the past 13 years, click on the following link for a copy of his resume: Jeff's Full Bio - PDF.


Jeff is a native of Louisiana and a resident of Alachua, Florida. He accepted Jesus as His Savior and Lord in 1982 and he was ordained into vocational ministry in 1995.

Jeff met a lovely young woman named Jane while serving on the mission field in 1994. They were married in 1996 and have been best friends every since!

Jeff holds a B.A. and Master's of Divinity (M.Div.) degree. His passion is to see God glorified, people connected to God, and God's purpose for their lives fullfilled!

Jeff and Jane have three wonderful children (Tyler, Allie, & Austin) whom they are passionate about and love to spend time with!

Since September, 2005 thousands of lives have been reached by the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 8 states and 5 countries through Jeff's ministry!

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"Jeff's overarching message is simple: seek out what God's plan is for your life and go at it with everything you have in prayer and thanksgiving. Jeff implores people to give up selfishness and give their lives to serving others. He challenges them not to confine God to limits of human mind and believe in His ability to achieve what they cannot fathom. Equally important is the fact that he lives what he preaches. Jeff is defined by his intergrity and character, his devotion to his family and his humility as a servant of Christ."

Jason Liesere, Sports Journalist - West Palm Beach, FL


"Jeff is a passionate minister of Jesus Christ who is annointed by the Holy Spirit as a minister, not only to lay people and unbelievers, but he has a special gifting to minister to those in full time ministry. God has used Jeff to speak and breathe life into me and my ministry. God has used Pastor Jeff with his spiritual gifts to minister to me in ways no one else has in my nearly ten years on the mission field. I have been encouraged in my calling and ministry to trust and depend more on Jesus by the annointed ministry of Pastor Jeff. The Holy Spirit landed so powerfully during one message that I was translating for Jeff at our church in El Salvador, that I was unable to continue translating because I broke down weeping."

Lance Grush, Senior Pastor - San Salvador, El Salvador


"Anointing, passion, humility and integrity are just a few words to describe the ministry of Jeff Powell. Jeff's desire for people to experience authentic faith in Christ is evidenced through His life-giving teaching as well as in his targeted ministry focus. I believe that the spiritual gifting and uncompromised zeal for the Lord Jeff possesses will strongly impact the 21st century for Jesus Christ both nationally and internationally."
Stephanie Guerra Henderson, Founder Deep Waters Ministries, International - Colorado Springs, CO


"Jeff is a man that I have served with in New Orleans and the foreign mission field...I always look forward to the next opportunity we will have together. His preaching skills and ministry heart stand head and shoulders above others with his ministry 'years of service.' He has a super family, who are priority in his life. I would work with or recommend Jeff without hesitation in any area of ministry, God has and is using him to touch lives wherever he serves."

Charles Pinkerton, International Impact Ministries - Dothan, AL


"Jeff Powell is a man with a strong gifting to deliver the word. Jeff truly blessed our church and left us with something the people could act upon in a very practical way. They truly enjoyed the ministry of the word through him. There is another thing that I really like about Jeff and His wife Jane, they are very honest and transparent. Such a quality makes me feel safe in allowing them access to the church. Jeff is a blessing. He will leave behind a blessing wherever he goes."

Parkey Cobern, Senior Pastor Capstone Church - Ft. Worth, TX


"Jeff Powell is a man who is hungry to know God and do his will. He will go anywhere, do anything, give anything, and move anywhere to do what God is calling him to do. Equally as important, he has a Godly wife and children who will also do likewise to serve God together."

Paul Smith, Senior Pastor Life Church - Mandeville, LA


"I have been blessed to know Pastor Jeff now for more than 2 years. In February, 2006 I stayed with Jeff, Jane his wife, and his 3 children for a week at his home and was so humbled by his love for me and the way he loves his wife and children. In July, he visited me in Uganda and ministered in a leaders conference and his preaching touched many leaders. Leaders who are always asking me to bring Pastor Jeff back. And I pray that God will enable Jeff to come back to minister in conferences and crusades in Uganda."

Bishop Patrick Baligasima, Discipleship Mission International - Uganda, Africa


"I can really witness the growth of Pastor Powell as a comited minister, responsible and caring father, respectful and loving husband, anointing Preacher, Pastor and Evangelist... In 1997 we started working in order to reach the lost in Turrialba, Costa Rica. God gave us the opportunity to organize the largest crusade taken place till today in this city and we were blessed to have Jeff as our main speaker who not only brought a fresh word for the natives of Turrialba but also he encouraged many to take their decision of accepting Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior seriously. Because of this many are still serving the Lord in many churches of the area. We had the opportunity to have him speak once again at our church early this year (2006). We are sure that the Lord has great things for him to do world-wide in God's Kingdom!"
Godwall and Ruth Martinez, Messenger of Hope Baptist Church
Turrialba, Costa Rica - Central America


"From model clay to a story that touches your heart, Jeff Powell can use
anything to make Biblical truth come alive. Jeff has a unique ability
to put an audience at ease through his conversation style of speaking.
Jeff engages his listener's with creative interaction bringing out
what's really on people's hearts.

Scott Rourk, Lead Pastor The 411 New York City - New York, NY


"Jeff Powell is one of the most gifted and anointed young men that I have met in a long time. He is an exceptional preacher and leader who is being mightily used of God. I can gurantee you that he will be a tremendous blessing to your church and ministry in whatever capacity that you choose to utilize him."

R. Dennis Watson, Senior Pastor Celebration Church - Metairie, LA